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Marche Voyager Six itineraries | Tour 2 - The Via Flaminia

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A chance to follow in the footsteps of the ancient Romans, this route takes you along the Via Flaminia, one of the oldest and most important of the great roads built by Rome.

It was laid down by Consul Gaius Flaminius in 220 BC and along it marched Rome's great armies on their way to the northern reaches of the Empire. Many of the monuments that still litter its course were built by Augustus when he drastically improved the road around the time of the birth of Christ.

Start at the seaside town of Fano - the Roman arch, built by Augustus, marked the arrival of the road on the eastern seaboard. A modern highway runs alongside the old road as far as Cagli but we suggest you stay on the slow but more interesting old road. The first stretch of the road takes you speedily up as far as Fossombrone. Here you can visit the remains of the forum of the Roman town and see a stretch of the original road complete with paving.

Now continue along the old road through the Furlo Gorge; the tunnel here is one of the Marche's most impressive examples of Roman engineering. The scenery is breathtaking, too. The modern village of Acqualagna just after the gorge hosts the annual national Truffle fair. The old road will now take you to the delightful Roman town of Cagli where you will find an outstanding example of one of the many Roman bridges that still stand. You'll see it just as you enter town on your right.

From Cagli you can continue along the old road to the gnarled mountain village of Cantiano and more ancient Roman remains at the roadside further on at Pontericcioli.

Here you might wish to branch off to make the short drive over the Contessa pass to the celebrated medieval town of Gubbio. But as this is in Italy's Umbria region you'll have to find another web site to give you more information.


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